Loki web series quiz

Loki Quiz

Image Source: Disney Plus The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has continually pushed the boundaries of storytelling, and “Loki” Season 1 is no exception. This series

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Homeland Quiz carrie poster

Homeland Quiz

Image Source: Sho.com Homeland show talks about the life, the politics, the struggle, the pain and the decision, good or bad decisions of CIA agents.

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westworld show quiz

Westworld Quiz

HBO original Westworld although shows the life of themed amusement park but practically it shows the real world power politics. Westworld has all the ingredients

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Rocket boys poster quiz

Rocket Boys Quiz

Thank god, Sony Liv for this brilliant series called Rocket Boys which very charismatically displays the talent of great Indian scientists. The struggles of Homi

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prison break show quiz

Prison Break Quiz

Prison Break could arguably be the first wave of western show which must have made headlines in India. When Prison Break was released in the

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Scam 1992 Quiz

Regarded as one of the best Indian web series and one of the most viewed web series on the streaming platform. Scam 1992 which premiered

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TVF pitchers quiz

TVF Pitchers Quiz

The web series revolves around the life of four friends who quit their well-settled jobs and uncomfortable lifestyles to develop their own start-up company. They

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Bigg Boss show Quiz

Bigg Boss Quiz

The baap of all the reality show; Bigg Boss is making it’s entry in the OTT world which will be hosted by none other than

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