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The Queen’s Gambit, the sensational Netflix series that took the world by storm with its gripping storytelling and strategic moves. The Queen’s Gambit isn’t just another TV show; it’s a masterpiece that redefined the game of chess in popular culture. The series follows the journey of Beth Harmon, a young orphan who discovers her prodigious talent for chess. As she rises through the ranks of the chess world, she battles personal demons, breaks gender barriers, and ultimately seeks to become a grandmaster.


The iconic chess matches in the series were choreographed with the help of real-life grandmaster Garry Kasparov, adding authenticity to every move.

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The show’s brilliant storytelling, stunning cinematography, and Anya Taylor-Joy’s mesmerizing performance as Beth earned it widespread acclaim. Chess enthusiasts, binge-watchers, and critics alike couldn’t get enough of this Netflix sensation. Ready to put your chess knowledge to the test? Challenge yourself with our ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Show Quiz! Answer questions about the series, characters, and chess strategies while reliving memorable moments from the show.

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