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Take a bow Money Heist Fan, you have come to the ultimate destination to validate your Fandom. Take part in the Money Heist Quiz to know, how much you have actually knows. Money Heist is Netflix’s most watched non-English series and a totally deserved one because the adrenaline-fueled entertainment showcased in the show is addictive that can numb half your brain. Connect with Money Heist enthusiasts worldwide. Share your insights, discuss theories, and celebrate the brilliance of the show. #The most faadu show.


The iconic red jumpsuits were originally going to be green! The change came after producers decided green wouldn’t stand out enough on camera.

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Are you ready to prove your loyalty to the red jumpsuit-clad crew? Embark on the ultimate heist by playing our Money Heist Quiz. Think you can outsmart the Professor? Challenge yourself with questions crafted to test even the most cunning minds. Check your knowledge of the show by taking part in the quiz using the link below and let’s see if you have followed all the planning of Professor. Keep track of the timer….

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