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Some say that Better Call Saul is not just a show, it’s an institution of craftmanship where brilliance is poured in every frame. Spin-off series are generally not well received and especially when the spin-off is of greatest TV show ever created known as Breaking Bad, the expectation would be even higher. But when do you have creators like Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, you could put your faith in and get immersed.


Jimmy McGill came up with the name SAUL GOODMAN for the sake of attracting more business as a lawyer. The fake name was merely invented to sound more Jewish and thus be more relatable to the local community.

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Better Call Saul is presented as the Spin-off of Breaking Bad but in one way or another the two stories are actually different. It’s not mandatory per se to watch Breaking Bad (Although we would recommend you to must watch) before Better Call Saul.

The show’s original network is AMC but it was watched by millions of people globally on Netflix. As the last season of the show is finished in 2022, it’s important that we pay tribute to the wonderful show by playing the quiz to reconfirm if we need to binge watch it again or not.

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Breaking Bad Questions Answered in Better Call Saul

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