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When you know that the show is about 3 friends, IIT, Kota, Jitendra Kumar in the lead and which is available on both Netflix and TVF play than rest assured that the show would bring the fantastic product to the audience. The two season Kota Factory was loved by audience of all age group because it reminds us of our college days and that’s why we have come up with the Kota Factory Quiz.


kota factory is india’s first black and white web series which was shot in color and later graded into monochrome.

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Saurabh Khanna, the creator of the show who has also created the Hostel Daze show is an alumnus of IIT, Kanpur and with this show he aims to change all the hype and narrative surrounding IIT preparation in Indian culture. Such was the flow and the excitement of the show new episode that we are confident of you have binge watched the entire show in a single stretch. So take the challenge and play our Kota Factory quiz to check how much do you know about the show

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