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The 3 season series Narcos is Netflix’s original crime drama series is based on the story of rise and fall of Columbia’s drug pin Pablo Escobar and our Narcos quiz is all about the larger than life events happened in the show. The show started in the year 2015 but it is still touted as one of the best show available on the Netflix revolving around drugs and mafia.


Pablo escobar Death scene Was Filmed On The Exact same Rooftop of medellin Where He Was actually Shot by the dea and columbian police.

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Narcos was supposed to be a big budget film but the writing and production team realized that the life around of Pable Escobar is full of interesting tales and that can’t be fit into a single movie and we are grateful for them, right or wrong? We believe that with a series, audience creates more connect with the characters of the show and which eventually makes it binge watched. We know you are one of them and that why we would like to throw a challenge to you to play our Narcos quiz and hit a perfect score.

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