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Are you a fan of the hit TV show “Bridgerton”? Were you captivated by the charming world of the Bridgerton family and their romantic escapade in Regency-era London? If so, it’s time to test your knowledge in our Bridgerton quiz! Netflix drama which was loved by many and rated into the top chart after its launch is one of the series who have its loyal and royal fan base, eagerly waiting for season 3.


The Ton’ comes from the French, le bon ton which translates to good tone and means good manners and dress.

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But till then challenge yourself and see how well you remember the characters, plots and intricate details of this beloved series upto season 2. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of high society, scandal and romance. Let’s begin! Feel free to share your results with friends and other Bridgerton enthusiasts, and be sure to re-watch the series to catch any details you may have missed. Happy quizzing!

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