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There is no doubt that with the presence of Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ Hotstar and many other digital content platforms, which we most commonly called OTT. Due to OTT subscription affordability, we could able to witness & watch some of the most amazing content which glued us to our couch/seat/bed (wherever you were positioned comfortably) while watching that we almost tend to forget the time. Most of the shows have such a high pace drama that the user flows with the episodes and sometimes finishes the entire series in a day or two. This proves that the quality of the shows that OTT platform providers produces is so entertaining.

We all love binge watching our favorite shows on the OTT (Over the top) platforms and sometimes get into the argument with over friends and colleagues over the particular topic of the show. On the social media platform different shows fanbase page were created to show their support and partially biasness also towards their liked show. Seeing this we have our eureka moment and that’s how the QuizOTT was born.

We have come up with this website for those specific fans like you who want to test their knowledge of the shows which they have watched so they can show off (or maybe self-pride) among others. On our platform you’ll find highly rated and loved shows, quizzes and their interesting facts. For each show there will be multiple choice questions about the show and you have to answer within a specified time limit.

We have web series quizzes of all the language series be it of Hindi, English or bilingual and from most of the popular OTT platforms. Some of the show’s quizzes are free to access and play but you can only make two attempts. While for most of the web series quizzes, you’ll have to be a member of our Fans community and there you can play the quiz a maximum of three time. Let’s try your Fanpanti by playing the simple quiz by clicking on the link below.

Click here to Play

So, what are you waiting for? Take part in these quizzes and invite your friends to check your knowledge and do remember the more you play the more reward points you will earn.

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