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  1. This quiz has 10 questions and the time limit is 1 minute.
  2. Each question has 3 options and one of them is correct answer
  3. The right answer will be displayed after the quiz ends.
  4. Registered user can attempt this quiz more than 1 time.


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Which is the first Korean drama series confirmed for pick-up by Netflix in 2019?

What is a "Second Lead Syndrome" in Korean dramas?

What is a "Chaebol" character in Korean dramas?

What drama features a brilliant lawyer with autism who overcomes social challenges and discrimination while solving legal cases?

In which series does a budding romance blossom between a Chief Hong and a pragmatic dentist, despite their seemingly opposite personalities?

In the series "Kingdom," which dynasty is the setting of the series?

In the series "Itaewon Class," what is the name of the bar started by Park Saeroyi?

What is the name of the show where a businesswomen who falls in love with a mysterious man from North Korea in a story filled with forbidden love and political tension?

Which character in "Start-Up" is an aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of becoming Korea's Steve Jobs?

What is the term commonly used to describe Korean dramas?

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