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Sacred Games is India’s first Netflix original series and it was well received by the audience and critics. The first season was released in 2018 and season 2 was released after a long wait in August 2019. Sacred Games is Saif Ali Khan’s first venture into the web series. Sacred Games is known for its intricate plot twists and nail-biting suspense. Our quiz includes questions about those pivotal moments.


Sacred Games began development after Netflix vice-president Erik Barmack asked Vikramaditya MOTWANE IN 2014 to create Indian content for the platform. They decided to adapt Chandra’s novel in hindi.

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Are you the biggest fan of Sacred Games? Do you know it all… Invite your friends and take part in the easy, not so easy one minute countdown MCQ to check your knowledge of the show. Are you ready to prove your mastery of the game? Start the quiz now and keep track of timer..

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