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Sherlock is a British crime television series, premiered in the year 2010 on BBC one network. Sherlock Holmes, an analytical deduction fanatic, together with Dr. Watson they take on the most unusual cases. Although Sherlock is a fictional character created by the author but still there are many who believes that Sherlock was real so was all the cased he has solved.

Undoubtedly it’s one of the best series ever made ,and much of the credit goes to the BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH as he as Sherlock gave such a powerful performance. The show is filled with all the emotions to make you glued to your devices; it has Thrill, Mysteries, Relationship and some good laughter and brilliant one liners.

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If you echo with our thoughts than we challenge you to try the Sherlock Quiz, consisting 25 question which needs to be finished in 2 minutes. Are you ready to take the challenge? Hit the below link and check your knowledge.

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