“Sushmita Sen is willing to try anything,” says Ram Madhvani on working with her on Aarya 3

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After receiving an International Emmy Award Nomination for Season 1 and two successful seasons, Aaryan returned with Season 3 with newer challenges, newer enemies and a newer ambition. Created and Co-Directed by the visionary Ram Madhvani and co-produced by Amita Madhavni, Ram Madhvani, Ram Madhvani Films and Endemol Shine India, the series is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Ram Madhvani and Sushmita Sen share a seamless director-actor bond in Aarya Season 3, fostering on-screen synergy through thoughtful choices. Madhvani encourages artistic freedom; Sen fearlessly adds her touch, crafting a partnership that contributes to the greatness of Aarya.

Talking another the same, Ram Madhvani, the creator, co-director, and co-producer of Disney+ Hotstar’s Aarya season 3, said, “I never tell an actor what to do; I only suggest, ‘This is one way,’ ‘This is another way,’ ‘These are the choices you can make.’ It’s up to the actor to decide what choice out of these will suit you best, not just the character but suits you. With Sushmita, she is willing to try anything. The first take, I never tell her; I just let her play. After that, I may go up to her and say, ‘How about?’ and ‘Do you think?’ Because in any case, you should never tell an actor what to do, and I never act it out, that’s not my job. I should not be acting it out because then I’ll become an actor. I suggest various choices, and she makes them, and she is fearless. There is one scene in the season she decided to play in a way in which, once I gave her the suggestion, she just embraced it and went for it. That’s one of the things about Sushmita. When she hears you and commits to you, she commits fully. She’s a great listener.”

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