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Are you the one who binge watched the entire season of Mirzapur in a single night…Do you consider yourself to be greatest fan of Mirzapur show? Do you think you have watched the show so rigorously to know about everything related to Mirzapur? Then for the fans like you, we have a special Mirzapur Quiz to flaunt your Fandom.

Guns blazing Desi Style


Step into the world of high-stakes power game


Mirzapur wasn’t supposed to be a web series. The project was initially conceived as a feature film, but later adapted for Amazon Prime Video due to its gritty and dark subject matter.

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How well do you know the world of Mirzapur? Take this Mirzapur web series quiz to check it out, only bare few able to achieve 100 percent result. Click on the link below to play the Mirzapur web series quiz. Keep track of the timer showing at the bottom right. 

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