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Do you consider yourselves to be the craziest fan of the oh so popular Friends show, then you landed at the right page to check your claims. The epic, all-time favorite show of the generation 90’s, FRIENDS, which is now can be seen on Netflix OTT platform in India. This was one of the shows whose every episode, every season was binge watched by many on multiple times.


The orange couch was found in the basement of Warner Bros. Studios and wasn’t originally meant for Central Perk. The Central Perk couch is now on display at the Warner Bros. Studios Tour in Hollywood.

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If you are also one of the die-hard fans of the FRIENDS show, then we have a quiz for you. Play along and, let’s see if you have watched it carefully enough to know all about it and eventually relive your happy memory by playing this simple quiz and don’t forget to tag along your friends to invite them over a cup of coffee and play the quiz with them because that is the Fun.

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