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Squid Games - Korean
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If there is a series which has become such a rage in the OTT world in the year 2021, then that title should be Squid Games. The Korean entertainment industry was always acknowledged by certain sections but after the rise of Squid Games on Netflix, now there is plethora of people looking to watch more Korean shows/movies.

A fictional survival drama where few people receive the invitation to participate in a series of children’s (survival) games to win lots of money, where stakes are very high. The series name may sound like a fantasy game series but eventually it has all the flavors to be relished upon. The series is full of emotions, captivating set designs, great musical score and superb acting and due to which it has become the No.1 ranked show on Netflix.

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So, if you have also watched the series in a flow, then we challenge you to take part in the quiz to check your knowledge of the Squid Game.

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Rating status as on 31st December 2021

Squid Games Season 1 Trailer

Why Squid Games is so popular

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