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Elite is an another Spanish show which has gained so much traction and love in India and Worldwide because of its rawness and tight storyline. Elite is a teen thriller drama started in the year 2018 and can be watched on Netflix, and so far 4 season has premiered. Have you watched all the season till now, than we invite you to take part in the ELITE quiz to check whether you were truly watching the series to know it all or you were just binge watching the beautiful star cast and lavish sets.

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Although the show is referred as teen drama but it offers more than than as they have touched upon some of the mature & progressive topics which gives the ELITE show a definite hook. The plot of every season has mixture of emotions in terms of friendship, culture, religion, status and a gripping suspense which makes the series to watch in a single go.

So for those of who, are yet to see this show, we highly recommend it and for those who are an avid fan of the series and waiting for the next seasons, we invite you to take this simple quiz.

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Rating status as on 31st December 2021

Elite Season 5 trailer

The Cast of Elite Reacts to Audition Tapes

Elite Season 1 Trailer

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